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2017 Capstone
The idea for this full stack application came from my past as a high school educator. I often found it difficult to find exact resources I was looking for, specifically a place to search lesson plans by TEKS. I thought it would be a great resource for educators to search for lesson plans and from there tweak them to their own personal style. I submitted this proposal and it was selected. We (myself and two teammates) had less than 2 weeks to build, deploy, and present a full stack application!

Create a mobile responsive application that allows teachers to collaborate on and share lesson plans.
  1. Planning
    The first 2 days were spent determining the features, building the database, and collaborating on more detailed user flow.
  2. Collaboration
    Since this was our first time working as a team, communication and understanding were key.
  3. Polish
    As we knocked out our "need to have" pieces of functionality, we got to focus on some of our "want to have features."
Original wireframes from initial proposal

Teachr is a full-stack, mobile responsive, web application for teachers to collaborate on and share lesson plans for free. This application was built for the final part of my Codeup journey. The inspiration came from my time spent as a teacher. Built with PHP, Laravel, MySQL, Bootstrap, and many many hours of development!

Quincy Cohort graduation Sep 2017