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A kindergarten aged family member started learning sight words. Sight words are words that are taught to children at a young age. They are words that children should have memorized as they begin learning to read. Words such as, is, and, the, etc. The parents were concerned that the child was not properly memorizing these words. They wanted an easy digital flashcard app.

Create a mobile responsive application for sight words that a child can use.
  1. Research & Design
    This application had to be kid-friendly - bright colors, easy to click, not a lot of directions, especially since the expected age group can not read.
  2. Development
    This was fun to build as I was able to work with the child in selecting the "hint" details in train mode. The child had a blast choosing images and colors for the application.
  3. Tablet Focused
    This application would primarily be used on an iPad so I focused researching javascript swiping motions that could translate to a tablet.

I was able to create a cute front-end application for practicing sight words. The final app contained two modes, train and test. Train mode had visual hints, such as photos and colors. Test mode had only the word available for the user. One of the coolest things I learned in this project, was how javascript code could track a swiping motion on the iPad. This allowed for the user to either click the next button or progress to the next card using a swiping motion.

Sample card in train mode with visual hint